A rugged pickup is meant for the great outdoors. Whether you prefer Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge or another manufacturer, protecting your truck's exterior surfaces is vital to keeping your investment at its best.

The professionals at Sigma Kore are proud to extend our ceramic coating services and paint protection film installation capabilities to your powerhouse vehicle.

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Ceramic Coating Services for Trucks in Denver, Colorado

Trucks are perfect for both work and leisure activities, but driving through mud, grass and work sites can leave your OEM paint job covered in contaminants. Sigma Kore's ceramic coating services for trucks create a water-resistant protective layer on top of your paint to prevent fading, UV damage, water spots and other issues.

Have our team apply a semi permanent solution to your truck to protect it for years. Unlike automotive wax and sealants, Sigma Kore's ceramic coatings bond to clear coats at the molecular level. Our cutting-edge technology causes moisture to bead rather than spread, eliminating concerns about rust and chemical stains.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Truck

Ceramic coating projects can be completed in as little as one day if completed as a stand-alone project.

Drop off your pickup at a time convenient for you, and our specialists will deep clean and apply ceramic coatings on its metallic exterior components. Some of our in-house products will protect your vehicle for up to seven years.

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Schedule a ceramic coating appointment for the following advantages:

Schedule a ceramic coating appointment for the following advantages:
You can achieve maximum shine without seasonal waxing.
These treatments are appropriate for both new and used models.
Ceramic coatings boost your truck's level of UV resistance.

Truck Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services in Denver, Colorado

Drivers who want to prevent scratches and paint damage from stones and other road debris have a lot to gain from Sigma Kore paint protection films (PPF). Also known as Clear Bra, truck paint protection films are large sheets of polyurethane or polymer that cover grilles, doors, bumpers and painted surfaces. The goal of these installations is to equip your vehicle with a skin layer that takes the heat from impacts and weather.

Truck paint protection films are important for maintaining resale value. These self-healing layers defend against thrown objects that can diminish your OEM or aftermarket paint job. It takes an expert to place PPF solutions correctly, so the specialists at Sigma Kore draw from over a decade of experience in the business for pristine results.

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Reasons to Install Truck Clear Bra

Sigma Kore recommends Clear Bra installations if we recently performed truck paint correction work on your vehicle. The appearance of your truck's paint job says a lot about how much you care about your investment, so paint protection films pair well with our ceramic coating products for the highest level of protection.

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Keep your pickup in a like-new state for years thanks to the advantages of truck Clear Bra

PPF lasts for years, will not peel and can be removed in the future.
PPF lasts for years, will not peel and can be removed in the future.
Sigma Kore cuts sheets to the precise shape of your pickup.
Films shield your hood, doors and bed from acid rain and mineral deposits.

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Sigma Kore is able to finish select jobs with a 24-hour turnaround. We aim to get you in and out of our shop as fast as possible, all while paying attention to the fine details. During your visit, we'll walk you through your options for coating services and PPF material thicknesses that will exceed your expectations for protection. Have questions? Dial 720-643-5185 for more information about our services. You can also complete our simple form for a free pricing estimate!