Many automotive enthusiasts dream of owning a BMW. For decades, these releases have been known for their thrilling behind-the-wheel experiences, luxurious interiors and power under the hood — and for treating their owners right. If you love your vehicle and want to take care of it in return, BMW ceramic coating and paint protection services from Sigma Kore can keep it looking pristine.

Sigma Kore serves BMW vehicle owners in the Denver, Colorado, area. We'll explain your options for affordable exterior solutions that keep popular models such as the BMW i3, BMW X5, BMW 2 Series and other variants looking sleek from front to back. We specialize in PPF and clear bra installation, as well as ceramic coating for these and other BMW vehicles. Contact our team today.

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BMW Ceramic Coatings for Optimal Protection

Drivers in Colorado often turn to temporary waxes, sealants and polishing products to slow the spread of aging paint. The problem with these over-the-counter solutions is that they require multiple treatments between seasons and take hours to apply.

The professionals at Sigma Kore specialize in BMW ceramic coatings that last two, five or up to seven years based on preference. Our in-house coating solutions bond to clear-coat finishes of OEM and aftermarket paint jobs to make surfaces water-resistant.

We'll apply liquid-based polymers that provide a glossy appearance and make it possible for you to wipe doors, mirrors, handles, bumpers and surrounding parts clean with just a microfiber cloth.

Advantages of BMW Ceramic Coatings

Sigma Kore BMW ceramic coating services save you from waxing your vehicle throughout the year. Our experts apply original ceramic coating products to block insects, bird droppings, inclement weather and other contaminants from sticking to automotive paints.

Ceramic coating treatments provide your BMW with an unmatched level of protection. Rest assured knowing the chemical bond on your car or SUV can handle anything the forecast brings your way.

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Below are some of the main benefits of Sigma Kore BMW ceramic coating services

Sigma Kore detail cleans your BMW before applying ceramics.
Your BMW stays clean without excess scrubbing.
Water droplets roll off exterior surfaces.
Automotive surfaces will stand strong against chemical damage and UV rays.

BMW Paint Protection Films (PPF) and Clear Bra

Sigma Kore is proud to offer customers several choices for BMW paint protection films. This technology exists in the form of clear urethane sheets, and installations block unwanted scratches. Hae the professionals at Sigma Kore perform BMW paint correction services for your new or used model, and we'll protect the resale value of your ride with products that adhere to roofs, hoods, doors and surrounding surfaces.

Transparent BMW paint protection films (PPF) are cut to the exact shape of your vehicle to shield its paint from stones, twigs and salts that kick up on the road. Sigma Kore recommends paint protection films alongside ceramic coatings for a maximum level of protection.

Benefits of BMW Paint Protection Films

Paint protection films are available in different thicknesses. Sigma Kore introduces customers to BMW Clear Bra installations (the most rugged form of PPF) to take the brunt of small impacts and contaminants.

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See the advantages of automotive paint protection films below

BMW Clear Bra installations last upward of 10 years and are removable.
Your BMW's paint job can withstand acid rain and mineral deposits.
PPF solutions are self-healing when exposed to heat.
Sigma Kore installs layers with zero bubbles.

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Your BMW is a prized possession, and Sigma Kore wants to preserve it with paint protection services for your complete ownership satisfaction. Being in the detailing industry for over a decade, we have the experience to complete BMW ceramic coatings and Clear Bra installations with fast turnarounds for your convenience. Sigma Kore is where automotive paint meets perfection. Complete a form online to get an estimate for your project today.