Sigma Kore Story

The staff at Sigma Kore™ has worked in the auto detailing industry for 10+ years. We have coated just about everything - from cars, airplanes, you name it. We were dissatisfied with the other services & products on the market, so we decided to create our own with an inclusive in-house warranty.



We thought we could do better and after years of deliberation and testing, we finally created our own line of advanced ceramic services that we can warrant in house.

Sigma Kore offers so much more than paint protection. Our services will actually correct and revitalize hazy or dull paint-jobs, giving your car that highly coveted showroom shine + add substantial value to your vehicle.

Our products are highly durable and will extend the longevity of your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal tenfold, which is why we back all of our Sigma Kore™ Ceramic & Paint Correction Services with a NO BS In-House Warranty up to 7-Years.

 We look forward to you joining thousands of others within the Sigma Kore family.

 - Logan R.