Tesla Ceramic Coating &
Paint Protection

Tesla is continuing to produce the most efficient cars on the planet with advanced technology. Unfortunately, the company lacks experience in actual car building. We have discovered that the Teslas coming directly from the manufacturer can have major paint flaws. Tesla has proven they cannot produce top quality paint applications. Here are examples of flaws that we have encountered in our facilities. Sigma Kore's Tesla ceramic coating and clear bra services in our Denver, Myrtle Beach, and Tampa locations can help correct these issues, and leave your Tesla protected for years to come.


In addition to these imperfections, Tesla does not apply a thick layer of paint. Each vehicle that enters our facility, receives an in depth analysis of paint thickness on each panel. We measure the paint thickness with micron readers and Tesla is always the lowest level out of any car make that comes through. Their paint is also very soft making it very susceptible to damage. Reports of been made of the paint actually coming off after a few thousand miles of driving. Unfortunately, Tesla will not cover the paint under their warranty. Because of this, forums and facebook groups have emerged to file complaints against Tesla.

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As a future buyer or current owner you must understand that just because a Tesla is fresh off the dealer’s lot, does not mean it is in the best condition! These cars are being handled poorly during the painting process, transportation, and while at the dealership. Most people are so excited about purchasing a new Tesla, they don’t take the time to feel the vehicle’s paint for contaminates or look at the paint for imperfections.


Although we are unable to fix all defects from the manufacturer, we are able to correct and protect the paint of your Tesla with our stages of buffing and in house ceramic coating.

Our buffing packages will enhance the gloss of the paint while removing a majority of visible imperfections that may be on the paint. Our ceramic coating will add that much needed extra layer of protection to the thin paint that was applied by Tesla.


Come in for Tesla Ceramic Coating Services!

Your Tesla needs the extra layer of protection to prevent the paint from failing! We have serviced nearly 500 Teslas and counting. Our detailing services will get your Tesla to a level where dealerships or factory is simply not capable of producing.

The Word is Out

If you just purchased a Tesla, new or old, then our services are for you! Make sure you contact us to enhance your Tesla's paint and get an extra layer of protection with ceramic coating or clear bra!