The ocean environment can be very unforgiving to marine vessels. The effects of UV rays, saltwater, ocean contaminants/barnacles, moisture, the surfaces of decking, and hulls are especially hard hit but it can also be a problem for the rest of the ship.

Sigma Kore's unique marine ceramic coating process addresses these issues and will not only fix these existing problems but also provide coatings to PREVENT these from occurring.

Sigma Kore has specifically designed several proprietary marine ceramic/graphene coatings and boat detailing services, that provide the ultimate protection for any marine vessel. Our marine coatings are all made and shipped directly from our headquarters. Not only do we perform the application of these coatings to marine owners and enthusiasts, but we specialize in detailing and paint correction.

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Marine Ceramic Coating Services

Many boats and watercraft have eye-catching paint on the sides back and depending on the type on the top as well. Marine craft owners have to perform regular cleanings with tough chemicals to make sure saltwater doesn't damage the boat. Sigma Kore's marine ceramic coatings eliminate the need by establishing a hydrophobic layer along painted surfaces, making it harder for salt and other elements to stick.

When you make an appointment with Sigma Kore, our marine ceramic experts will apply original products engineered to last longer than generic sealants. Select offerings leave a mirror-gloss finish on so you can combat corrosion and water spots for the long term with a single treatment.

Benefits of Marine Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic coatings for marine craft keep your paint job in excellent condition. Our in-house nano-ceramic coating products close off gaps in finishes so that water and dirt stay out. All treated surfaces remain smooth to the touch, and our coating products eliminate paint fade.

Sigma Kore is where paint meets perfection. Our clients have reported better fuel economy with their private jets after being ceramic coated!

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Some of the main advantages of marine ceramic coating services include

Pilots can go longer without having to clean their boats as much.
Water from rain will bead up and roll away.
We can apply ceramic coatings on any painted surface.

Marine Paint Protection Film Installation Services

Sigma Kore introduces customers to paint protection films (PPF) that defend against minor scratches and dings. Paint protection films consist of polyurethane materials cut to suit the dimensions of your investment. The outer sheet layers fit over painted surfaces like a thick skin that absorbs minor impacts, so boat surfaces are left unharmed.

Boat and watercraft often contact saltwater, birds, hail, rocks, and so much more during a typical day on the water. PPF installation services from Sigma Kore create a barrier between environmental hazards and paint finishes to maintain the resale value of your marine vehicle.

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Perks of Boat's Paint Protection Films

Marine paint protection films are completely see-through, meaning your boat's paint job will remain on full display. One of our specialists will explain your options for full-marine treatments that involve covering all painted surfaces. Marine owners can also choose to apply PPF in select spots only.

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Consider Sigma Kore's marine paint protection film installation services for the benefits below

Your finish will be free of bubbles and smudges.
PPF materials self-heal when exposed to heat, and they prevent chemical stains and oxidation.
You can combine PPF and ceramic coatings for incredible protection.

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The team at Sigma Kore completes marine ceramic coating services and PPF installations according to your preferences. We'll answer any marine ceramic questions you might have about either our warranties or process when you give us a call at 720-643-5185. To receive an estimate for any of our services, complete a form with us online.