Talk to any automotive enthusiast and Porsche vehicles are sure to come up in conversation. For over 85 years, drivers have looked to this automaker for innovative sports cars worth celebrating. With lightweight body designs and signature roof shapes, variants such as the Porsche 911 and Porsche Turbo S are unmistakable, and their owners do everything possible to keep them in new condition. Our Porsche ceramic coating services and paint protection will keep your Porsche looking brand new. If you want to get behind the wheel of a Porsche, you can expect to pay a decent amount of money. Luckily, Sigma Kore specializes in exterior auto solutions that help you hold on to collector and resale value, including Porsche ceramic coating services, clear bra and paint protection films to preserve these investments. We even offer Porsche paint correction to ensure that your vehicle is ready for a layer of ceramic coating.

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Porsche Ceramic Coating Services in Denver, Colorado

Sigma Kore introduces Denver-area drivers to ceramic coatings for all Porsche vehicles. Where wax kits and sealants have a short life span, our ceramic coating products protect auto paints from sunlight, moisture and anything the forecast has in store. Being in the car detailing business for over a decade, we've fine-tuned our ceramic coating process for results that last up to seven years.

Our professionals apply Porsche ceramic coatings to establish a chemical bond between our in-house products and your vehicle's clear coat. This process leaves you with a water-resistant surface to combat corrosion and prevent contaminant buildups from interfering with your vibrant paint job. With just one treatment, Sigma Kore's Porsche ceramic coatings provide a mirror-like finish for years of shine.

Reasons to Consider Porsche Ceramic Coatings

Porsche ceramic coatings make vehicle maintenance efforts a breeze. Our long-lasting, hydrophobic solutions defend against UV rays, snow and rain, eliminating the need for seasonal treatments, and enable owners to simply wipe surfaces clean with a microfiber cloth.

Reach out to Sigma Kore for Porsche ceramic coating treatments ideal for the following:

  • Stop acid rain, animal droppings and tree sap from damaging auto paint.
  • Give your car a shiny appearance without the need for frequent scrubbing.
  • Protect brand-new vehicles and classic models to maintain their value.

Porsche Paint Protection Films and Clear Bra

Porsche paint protection films (PPF) are urethane-based sheets made for automotive surfaces. You can think of these products as skin layers that prevent rocks, road salts and hail from leaving scratches. PPF is also known as Clear Bra (thickest variety), and the team at Sigma Kore has the knowledge and resources to complete these installations at our Denver shop.

Paint protection films for Porsche models are invisible once applied. You get the satisfaction of knowing exterior surfaces are safe from environmental elements, critters, vandalism and more thanks to polyurethane materials that last up to a decade.

Why Sigma Kore for Porsche Clear Bra Services?

Sigma Kore is your source for automotive coating and detailing services in Denver. Together, we'll come up with a paint protection plan that works for your driving applications. We want to see your Porsche looking its best, so be sure to ask our staff about paint correction services that restore any imperfections in your car's finish before we proceed with PPF placement.

Learn More about our PPF Installation

Review the details below to see why our customers love Porsche paint protection films

These installations are self-healing.
Films stop the onset of sun and water spots.
PPF shields your Porsche from chemical stains.
We can cover your whole car or select portions

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Sigma Kore keeps your Porsche clean with exterior products engineered to repel water and contaminants. There are plenty of reasons customers in Denver choose our team for ceramic coating and PPF services, as we offer flexible appointment scheduling, fast project turnarounds and an unmatched level of customer service. Fill out a form online to get a service estimate!