Audi is known for creating some of the most luxurious vehicles of the modern era. Whether you favor sedans or SUVs from the German automaker, it's important to take care of your vehicle's exterior surfaces to keep them at their best. Luckily for Denver residents, Sigma Kore is your nearby source for ceramic coatings and tough paint protection films that prolong the life of your OEM paint job.

When you choose Sigma Kore for Audi ceramic coating and paint protection services, you get a team with years of expertise, dedicated to keeping your vehicle in like-new condition. Whether you're looking to cut back on maintenance tasks or give your Audi that showroom shine, Sigma Kore can get the job done.

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Audi Ceramic Coating Services

Our customers love Audi vehicles for their comfort and versatility. It's common to see these vehicles on major road systems throughout summer, fall, winter and spring, as select models are geared for all weather conditions.

Audi ceramic coating services by Sigma Kore safeguard your favorite ride against UV rays, temperature changes and the unexpected. Rather than relying on wax kits and over-the-counter sealants, ceramic coatings bond to your vehicle's clear coat. Our professionals use original products with two-, five- and seven-year guarantees to ensure your Audi's paint job stays in outstanding condition.

Why Ceramic Coatings for Audi Vehicles?

Audi enthusiasts go to great lengths to keep their vehicles clean. Contaminants like animal droppings, tree sap, water droplets and dirt distract from your car's overall appearance. Having the experts at Sigma Kore apply ceramic coatings is an excellent way to keep your daily driver looking fresh over the course of its life.

Sigma Kore ceramic coating services make doors, hoods and trims hydrophobic. Our innovative products cause rain and snow to bead off treated surfaces to help your car or SUV resist corrosion.

Learn More About Our Ceramic Coating

An Audi ceramic coating treatment can be completed in as little as one day for the following advantages

Help your vehicle hold its true OEM or aftermarket paint color
Turn heads with an eye-catching gloss finish
Hold on to the resale value of your car
Eliminate the need for seasonal waxing and prevent unwanted spots from UV rays

Audi Paint Protection Film Services Near Denver, Colorado

Drivers interested in the ultimate protection package can turn to Sigma Kore for Audi paint protection films. Paint protection films (PPF) can be applied on top of ceramic coatings to shield your vehicle from unwanted scratches.

Defend your Audi from small rocks, hail, critters and beyond with urethane products that are invisible to the eye. Our professional installers cut and apply sections following the exact dimensions of your Audi release. Our staff has more than a decade of experience working with this technology, so we can deliver a flawless finish that lasts for the long term.

Reasons to Consider Audi Paint Protection Films

Sigma Kore recommends paint protection films after the completion of any required Audi paint correction services. We'll equip your car or SUV with self-healing forms of PPF at the correct thickness for your applications. Sigma Kore connects customers to high-performance urethane sheets known as Clear Bra for Audi models classic and new.

Learn More about our PPF Installation

Have Sigma Kore install paint protection products for the benefits below

These products let you clean your Audi's surfaces without hard scrubbing.
Audi Clear Bra products last for years at a time.
PPF installations are removable for future customizations.
These films stand strong against chemical stains and oxidation.

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Sigma Kore is passionate about Audi vehicles from the past and present era. Give your investments the attention they deserve by trusting our team for professional-grade ceramic coating services and PPF installations. For pricing details, complete a form online to receive an estimate.