Ceramic Coating services help improve your vehicle when UV rays, rapid temperature change, or heavy winds cause imperfections on your exterior paint job. It's important you know where to turn to rejuvenate surfaces. Sigma Kore serves residents of North Idaho, Tampa Bay, Myrtle Beach, and Denver areas, so we know the impact these conditions have on their vehicles.

Whether you're a fan of driving around in your hot rod or you use a rugged pickup daily, having a vehicle that drives great and looks the part helps you separate yourself from others on the road.

Our professionals use our own in-house USA-sourced solutions that help to keep your car, truck or SUV clean between washes. If you're tired of seeing swirls and scratches, consider our world-class offerings backed by warranties.

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What Is Ceramic Coating and What Does it Do?

Ceramic coatings help defend your car from water droplets, dirt, debris and other contaminants. If you're an auto enthusiast, you're probably familiar with generic sealants and wax kits that leave sticky residues for animal droppings, insects and mud to accumulate. Our in-house solutions eliminate these concerns by making it easier for you to keep doors, bumpers, hoods and exterior surfaces clean without all the scrubbing.

Our original products bond to your vehicle's clear coat for long-term protection and shine.

Our hydrophobic car coating services boost the overall appearance and gloss of OEM paint jobs for years of satisfaction.

Our Cleaning and Coating Process

All vehicles require a detailed cleaning prior to application. One of our team members will perform a six-step decontamination process that includes a pre-rinse, hand wash foam bath, second rinse, foam bath with clay, wheel cleaning and final rinse.
Our automotive ceramic coatings encompass three levels of paint correction:


Ideal for brand new cars.


Helps to treat light to medium scratches.


Geared toward vehicles with heavy surface defects.

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Car?

Our automotive ceramic coating services appeal to those looking to save money on car wax. Few automotive detailers out there provide you with nano-ceramic coating products that last as long as our solutions.

When you drop your vehicle off for an appointment, we'll give it an exterior treatment that takes the brunt of all environmental impacts that otherwise lead to stains, oxidation and deterioration. Contaminants have a difficult time sticking to surfaces after the coating is applied, which makes cleaning easier.

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  • 24/7/365 Chemical Damage Resistance

  • Showroom Gloss Effect

  • Improved UV Resistance

  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance While Washing, Stays Clean Longer

Advantages of Ceramic Coating Windshields

Rain, snow and dirt can interfere with your ability to see behind the wheel. Ceramic glass coatings provide you with a layer between the outdoor elements and your windshield.

Our ceramic windshield coating services involve the use of original liquid polymers.

We apply an invisible gel across front and rear windows for the following benefits:

Hydrophobic qualities :

Sigma Kore glass coating services make windshields water-resistant. Rain and snow are unable to stick to surfaces for optimum visibility.

Quick cleaning :

Our windshield coating services make it hard for tree sap, pollen and grime to stick. Wipe surfaces clean with minimal effort.

Maximum clarity:

Sigma Kore glass coating products leave zero streaks and are completely transparent when installed by our professionals.

Our Process for Ceramic Coating Windshields

Sigma Kore follows a multi-step process for glass coating services at every location. For the best results, we start with a thorough cleaning of glass surfaces to lift particles of dirt and other contaminants.

This process includes a pre-rinse, a hand wash foam bath, a follow-up rinse and a clay bar treatment based on the condition of the windshield. All ceramic windshield coatings are applied once glass surfaces are completely dry.

We'll gather details about the age of your vehicle and the status of the windshield to recommend the best treatment plan for your needs. Rest assured knowing we complete all windshield coating projects in a controlled indoor environment for accuracy.

We apply our original ceramic coating products using microfiber cloths, and our specialists wipe additional residues from the glass before allowing the solutions to cure.

We can also coat multiple sections of your vehicle during the same appointment. Our ceramic coating services extend to exterior paints, wheels and even interior surfaces.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating Vehicle Wheels

Wheels encounter puddles, potholes, debris and other obstacles every day. In some cases, drivers upgrade their wheels for handling improvements and customization, but contaminants interfere with performance and cause premature wear and tear. The goal of ceramic wheel coatings is to add a further layer of protection to surfaces so that materials hold paint color and become hydrophobic, or water-resistant.Our automotive wheel coating services are ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the appearance of painted rims. Unlike temporary waxes and films, Sigma Kore ceramic coatings bond to a given surface.

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  • Rain and snow beads off wheel surfaces.

  • Rims withstand intense temperature changes.

  • Brake dust, droppings and pollen wipe clean in seconds.

  • Painted wheels resist fading for a pristine appearance.
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Ceramic Coating for Car Wheels

Wheel coating requires the help of a trained professional. At Sigma Kore, we use our own world-class products such as E14 LITE, E14 and E14 ELITE liquid polymers for prolonged wheel protection.

Before we apply car wheel coating products to your vehicle we'll remove all grime, brake dust and road salts with a foam wash and rinse. We may also use fine brushes to lift stubborn dirt as necessary.

Our experts recommend having both the exterior of your vehicle and wheels coated in the same appointment for efficiency. We will inquire more about the age and condition of your vehicle before your appointment.

The Sigma Kore team draws from more than ten years of industry experience to perform cleanings and treatments on steel, aluminum and carbon fiber wheels.

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Contact Sigma Kore for Automotive Ceramic Coating Services

The team at Sigma Kore provides you with an unmatched level of customer service for your automotive detailing project. We offer flexible appointment scheduling, and the majority of our work is completed in as little as one day for your convenience.

Our mission is to bring customers solutions that correct, perfect, and protect. Preserve your showroom car or daily driver with the help of Sigma Kore. If you're interested in learning more about our services, contact us online or get a free estimate today. You can also schedule an appointment at our North Idaho, Tampa Bay, Myrtle Beach or Denver ceramic coating facilities.