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Automotive fans search high and low for ways to protect front-end surfaces from scratches and other damages. From luxury cars like Audi Ceramic coating, Mercedes ceramic coating, and Porsche ceramic coating, to vehicles, keeping your investments in pristine condition influences the resale value and your level of ownership satisfaction. If you're tired of worrying about rocks and debris kicking up at high speeds, the experts at Sigma Kore are paint protection film and auto clear bra installers in the Myrtle, Tampa Bay, and North Idaho, and Denver areas. 

Enjoy your behind-the-wheel experience without fear of UV rays and environmental hazards. At Sigma Kore, we rely on over 10 years of industry experience to draw up a tailored solution for every vehicle. Visit the best PPF Installers in your area: contact us today.

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (PPF) consists of polyurethane or polymer materials. Automotive professionals use this technology to create a transparent skin layer on top of OEM or aftermarket paint jobs. The goal of the installation is to shield hoods, doors, mirrors and other surfaces from small rocks, animals and outdoor elements.

PPF can be applied to new and used cars. It's important to partner with the right PPF installer in the Myrtle, Tampa Bay, North Idaho, and Denver areas for clean results.

What Is Clear Bra?

Clear Bra is another name for paint protection film. Those in the industry refer to rugged urethane sheets as Clear Bra, Clear Wrap or Clear Masks depending on who you ask. Any PPF purchase calls for specific installation procedures, so Clear Bra is a simple way to refer to an entire class of products available in numerous shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Sigma Kore is your premier source for automotive Clear Bra installations, serving customers in the Myrtle, Tampa Bay, and North Idaho areas. Get a free estimate today.

What Are the Benefits of PPF and Clear Bra?

PPF adds a new layer of protection for vehicles large and small. The urethane materials we use fasten over your existing paint job, and installations hold their shape for an affordable solution that is almost invisible. Rest assured knowing our team treats your vehicle as if it were our own, making precise cuts to match the contours of your car.

We recommend pairing our Clear Bra installation services with one of our ceramic coating treatments for incredible shine. Choosing to incorporate ceramic coatings on top of PPF gives exterior surfaces hydrophobic properties. You can wash your car less and forget about routine waxing, leaving you with more time to drive.

Take a closer look at some of the benefits of PPF:

Your vehicle stands strong against UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, corrosion and mineral deposits.
Drivers can wipe surfaces clean using a small cloth.
Installations can last up to a decade and PPF is removable.
Clear Bra is self-healing, so you can erase scratches on urethane materials using a heat source.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Front Bumper Coverage

Partial Front Coverage

Full bumper, 18” hood, partial fenders, mirrors and headlights

Full Front Coverage

Full front bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirrors and headlights.

Driver's Coverage

Full front coverage and A pillars, roof line, side skirts and mirrors.

Full Body Coverage

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Want to hold onto the resale value of your collector car? Get in touch with a Sigma Kore location near you to handle ceramic coatings and PPF installation jobs. We service the Myrtle, Tampa Bay, and North Idaho, and Denver areas.

We engineer numerous products in-house to correct, perfect and protect your investments from the unexpected. Sigma Kore prides itself on quick appointment turnarounds, and we walk you through your options for exterior coatings and products that defend against paint fade, oxidation and other concerns.

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