Paint Correction Myrtle Beach

Paint Correction Myrtle Beach

Are you looking for paint correction Myrtle Beach? When your car, truck, or other vehicle experiences dings, scrapes, and rust, you need a top-notch touch-up that can't be done in your own garage. Our paint correction services offer more than an aesthetic touch-up; we also help protect the longevity of your car's appearance and reduce ongoing damage. It's also well worth the investment to improve the ROI of your vehicle and make it more enjoyable to drive.
Here's what to know about paint correction, what to expect, and how the experts at Sigma Kore can help. 

What Is Paint Correction?

Image of luxury car to convey the benefits and how Paint Correction Myrtle Beach works - Sigma KoreUnlike a complete start-to-finish paint job, a paint correction is a precise restoration process that helps reduce imperfections and protects your car. The process involves commercial-grade tools, including an electric polisher, buffing pads, special cutting compounds, and other tools to ensure the damage is leveled or removed.

Benefits of Paint Correction Myrtle Beach

There are several benefits to paint correction Myrtle Beach beyond enhancing your car's gloss and radiance.

  • Precision Restoration:¬†The team at Sigma Kore will eliminate paint defects, bring back the clarity of your paint, and create a mirror-like finish on the exterior of your car, truck, or other vehicle.
  • Protection at Its Best:¬†We employ a professional-grade process that¬†rejuvenates your car's paint while protecting against chemical attacks, dirt and moisture to safeguard the clear coat.
  • Combat Rust and Corrosion: Paint protection correction Myrtle Beach can also help slow¬†down rust and corrosion to ensure a protective coat and shine.
  • Eliminate Swirl Marks: Paint correction can remove those unsightly swirl marks and surface flaws, even if custom shops that have previously worked on your car left them behind.¬†

Is Paint Correction a DIY Job?

Although DIY solutions are common, the intricate nature of paint correction demands the expertise of trained professionals. The skilled technicians at Sigma Kore possess in-depth knowledge of paint compositions, surface dynamics, and various correction tools, ensuring precise and safe applications for optimal results.

Types of Paint Correction Process

Paint correction Myrtle Beach is a precise process that requires a thorough assessment to inspect the damage. Once we go over the plan with you, we'll proceed with a paint decontamination process to ensure a clean surface. However, paint correction isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We use three different methods, depending on the issue and extent of the damage and how to best restore your vehicles appearance.

Single-Stage Paint Correction

Single-stage paint correction is commonly used for brand new vehicles. The Sigma Kore team goes over the surface of your vehicle with a type of polish after a foam wash. The overall goal is to eliminate those paint defects and eye-sores that occurred at the dealership.

Dual-Stage Correction

A dual-stage correction is most appropriate for vehicle's with minor swirling and scratches. We use a combination of machine compounding and a separate polishing session with the help of a textured pad. The first treatment is designed to help reduce swirl marks and those light surface scratches. If there's anything left behind, we perform a second treatment to correct any lingering marks.

Multi-Stage Paint Correction

A multi-stage paint correction targets medium to heavy surface defects. We carefully use abrasive technology and wet-sanding procedures to remove the deep scratches on your vehicle. Our three-step process is thorough and results from a combination of compounding, polishing, and machine jeweling before ceramic coatings are applied.

Contact Sigma Kore for Paint Correction Myrtle Beach

Sigma Kore holds over a decade of expertise with an emphasis on correcting paint imperfections from swirls to deep-set scratching, UV damage, and more. We don't just treat the symptoms; we find solutions. Ready to try paint correction Myrtle Beach for yourself and protect the interior of your car?

Sigma Kore offers detailing and professional-grade products and services to make your car look incredible while providing more comfort from the glaring sun. We also supply consumer-grade kits so you can keep your vehicle in top condition for longer. Learn more about our vehicle protection products and services by contacting us today.