Why Choose PPF Installation Tampa

Why Choose PPF Installation Tampa

Tampa's weather embraces the locals with nearly year-round sunshine and tranquil days, but it can mean your car takes a real beating. PPF Installation Tampa can help protect your car from everything from UV rays to rocks, debris, and dirt with a professional application from the pros at Sigma Kore. Learn more about what to expect and how we can help. 

How Does PPF Installation Tampa Work?

Image of a luxury car to convey the benefits of PPF Installation Tampa - Sigma KorePaint Protection Film, or PPF, is a type of highly durable film that's also transparent. It's custom-fitted to your truck, car, motorcycle, or other vehicle as a layer of protection against the elements. Instead of worrying every time you hear a piece of gravel ding your paint or see bird splatter, PPF is working to protect your paint. It's even self-healing and can remove light scratches, shallow dings, and water marks for a more pristine-looking vehicle.

What Does PPF Protect Against?

There are several issues that PPF installation Tampa will protect against, including:

  • Grime
  • Dirt
  • Pebbles
  • Bird droppings
  • Bug splatter
  • Water stains
  • Muddy water
  • Salt

There's really no limit to what PPF can offer your vehicle. Although it won't keep large rocks from dinging your car, it can self-heal lighter damage for a stunning, showroom-ready look.

Enjoy Invisible Protection

Not all paint protection products on the market offer invisible protection. When PPF installation Tampa is approached professionally, it looks flawless. You end up with a protective layer over the vehicle that keeps your car looking incredible. Sigma Kore can also touch up any paint damage before we apply the PPF film to your vehicle. We can get everything showroom-ready to get more enjoyment out of your ride or improve its resale value. 

Make the Most of Tampa's Sunshine

If you live in Tampa, chances are high you enjoy the sunshine, but not when it's beating down on your vehicle. If you have to park outside, you probably worry about how quickly your paint job will fade or the acidic bird splatter that's going to hit your vehicle all day. PPF installation Tampa alleviates the stress and burden of worrying about your car's paint. You can go about your day and know your car is protected.

Get Long-Lasting Protection

Have you ever tried temporary waxes that are smelly, sticky, and don't last very long? It's a lot of work and gets expensive quickly. PPF installation Tampa offers long-lasting protection that can keep your car looking amazing for years. However, a DIY approach can have the opposite effect. PPF film should be professionally installed to ensure a seamless fit to get the results you're looking for. 

Spend Less Time and Money On Maintenance

What is your time worth? Vehicle maintenance takes a toll on your body and wallet. Instead of spending time scrubbing down your area and dealing with stubborn bug splatter and residue, PPF installation Tampa dramatically reduces your time spent on maintenance. It helps everything roll off your car and makes cleaning easier. You'll spend far less time on maintenance and less on supplies when you opt for PPF instead. 

Types of PPF Installation Tampa

Image of a luxury car to convey the benefits of PPF Installation Tampa - SigmaKoreIt's true that there are DIY kits and methods out there that offer some protection for your vehicle. But depending on the kit and application, they can actually do more harm than good. PPF installation Tampa needs a professional approach to ensure everything is applied on your vehicle's paint safely and cleanly.

Vehicles also need to be prepped properly before PPF is installed. If you don't thoroughly clean and sanitize your car, you could trap debris and dirt underneath the PPF and further compromise the integrity of your car's paint. Our team uses heat and pressure for a flawless, smooth finish that you can't get from a DIY kit or a fly-by-night approach.

Contact Sigma Kore

The experts at Sigma Kore are here to help you maintain your vehicle's sleek and flawless finish. To get started, stop by the shop or give us a call at (813) 437-0442 to discuss your vehicle and needs. We'll give you a free quote on several protection options, then schedule your appointment. We finish most jobs in a day or less, though extensive work can take three to four days.

For more information on our PPF Installation Tampa services, contact Sigma Kore today!