Driving into 2024: Automotive Trends to Watch

If you're thinking about making an investment in a new vehicle in 2024, there are some trends to consider. From safety to car care, here's what to expect and how the pros at Sigma Kore can help.

More Safeguards Against Cyber Attacks

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Driving becomes easier and safer on the road as vehicles adapt to a connected environment with smart technology. Drivers are more aware of moving obstacles and impending danger and can self-correct from a collision. However, the growing connectivity also opens the door for more vulnerabilities against cyber threats and virtual intrusions. 

Just scratching the surface of how smart technology will affect automobiles, dealerships have already been experiencing more cyberattacks and risks. In 2024, we'll see more of a highlight of the safety measures needed to protect cars from technological threats. 

Rise in PPF 

PPF, or paint protection film, has been around since the military used it to protect their helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. But today, it's become a popular option for cars, trucks, boats, and more to repel harsh UV rays, contaminants, and light dings and scratches from rocks and pebbles. 

Unlike other products on the market, such as messy waxes, PPF can last for years and provide self-healing properties. But it's vital to thoroughly prep, clean, and sanitize PPF film to avoid trapping contaminants. Paint correction can also help restore your vehicle's appearance before you apply your paint protection film. PPF film should also be laser-cut and applied by professionals to avoid wasting your investment on a poor fit that doesn't properly protect your vehicle.

Enhanced Online Vehicle Sales

We've already seen sites provide a frictionless experience for buyers to invest in a vehicle, try it out at home for free, and complete all their paperwork online. As we ride into 2024, we'll see more websites and car dealerships offer a done-for-you online experience to purchase a car without the hassles.

Increase in Adoption of Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles have grown beyond an emerging technology and a growing option for car ownership. According to J.D. Power, EV adoption rates have continued to rise steadily, with EV sales now representing 8.6% of the total new-vehicle retail market. Currently, California has the highest adoption rate for EV cars, with North Dakota having the lowest. 

Reduced Vehicle Weight

The average vehicle has gained 175 pounds in the past three years, or 1,000 pounds more than cars from the 1980s. Vehicles are only getting heavier with the rise of electric models. The results are bad for roads, parking garages, and the environment. In 2024, we'll see more of a focus on reducing weight, especially with electric vehicles. There are already EV tax credits that come with weight restrictions, shifting the decisions of buyers entering the electric vehicle market.

Significant Growth in the Car Care Market

self-care market - Sigma Kore

Technology may change, but some things stay the same: car care. The global car care product market is estimated to expand from USD 15.10 billion in 2023 to USD 27.89 billion by 2032. Drivers will have more sophisticated, comprehensive options for car care

Sigma Kore offers a range of premium self-care products, from ceramic coating to PPF to protect your paint's integrity. We also provide clear bras, interior detailing, and window tinting to make the most of the investment in your vehicle.

Rise in Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Data shows the autonomous, self-driving car market was valued at $20.3 million in 2021, and it is expected to reach $62.4 million by 2030. We may not have completely driverless vehicles as the mainstream option, but we will see more options for cars to self-correct and stay safe on the road, update its own software, and offer deeper insights to necessary repairs

Contact Sigma Kore to Protect the Investment in Your Vehicle

The car trends for 2024 are about proactive care and safety, from technology to your vehicle's appearance. Jumping on the trends doesn't have to be expensive or even time-consuming to adapt. Start with the best self-care on the market to keep your vehicle in incredible condition. For more information about our PPF, ceramic coating, interior detailing, window tinting, and clear bra services, contact Sigma Kore today!

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