Paint Protection Myrtle Beach

Paint Protection Myrtle Beach

When you make an investment in a car, you want to keep it looking brand new with the help of Paint Protection Myrtle Beach. But when you live in near the waterfront, your vehicle can take a beating with all the salt air, humidity, and harsh weather. Instead of worrying about dings, swirls, and faded color, you can keep it looking fresh and new with the help of ceramic coating or PPF. Here's how each work and how they can benefit your vehicle.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

PPF layers help protect your car's paint to keep it from fading, swirling, and could prevent some light scratches. You may have heard people call this type of paint protection Myrtle Beach called a "clear bra," PPF are a thin layer that is transparent and made from either polymer or polyurethane material. It's been around for decades and was first used by military helicopters but is today a mainstream option to protect your own vehicle. 

Nothing is foolproof against damaging your paint, but PPF can help. This paint protection Myrtle Beach can help with ultraviolet light damage, acid corrosion, swirl marks, scratching, some chips, oxidation and even bird droppings and but splatters. Beyond how many ways it protects you car, it can make it easier to clean your vehicle when you're not scrubbing to get the dead bugs off your paint.

PPF gets a lot of praise for its self-healing properties. You can apply PPF to a surface scratch, add heat, and the surface will mend itself. The results could last up to a decade, but you can also remove this paint protection if you really want to. 

How Does Car Ceramic Coating Work?

PPF isn't the only type of paint protection Myrtle Beach to choose from. You can also go with a ceramic coating, which is a type of thin liquid polymer that bonds to your paint. You need an expert to apply it to your vehicle.  is a form of liquid polymer. Instead of leaving your paint job up to chance, the ceramic coating's water-resistant qualities helps repel pollutants and other elements.

Similar to PPF, your ceramic coating will help with fading from ultraviolet exposure and contaminants from acid. It can also help with swirls and light scratches. In some cases, this paint protection Myrtle Beach will seep into those annoying distractions in your paint and help create a flat surface coating.

Ceramic coatings also dramatically reduce your wash time. Your car is shinier and easier to wash, thanks to the hydrophobic surface that repels contaminants. Before you make your decision, it's important to know that you can still get scratches from rocks and high-impact items and experience water spots if you only apply a ceramic coating. 

Should You Choose Ceramic Coating or PPF?

PPF and ceramic coatings are similar and protect against pollutants and harsh elements. Most car owners are focused on how new their car looks and how long each treatment lasts. Despite all of the similarities, PPF and ceramic coatings do have some differences. Ceramic coatings are a liquid base and PPF is a solid, polymer material. A technician will use a sponge to apply a ceramic coatings and a hot air machine is used to apply a PPF layer.

Many of our customers go with a combination of ceramic coating and PPF for a supercharged level of paint protection Myrtle Beach. You'll see the difference from day one and enjoy how incredible your car looks again.

Contact Sigma Kore for PPF or Ceramic Coatings 

Protect your car's paint and treat it as a long-term investment with the help of PPF and ceramic coatings. You'll enjoy added protection against harsh weather, rocks, debris, chemicals, oxidation, ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures. When you skimp on a protective coating, your vehicle's paint is vulnerable to the elements and takes a hit. Beyond the added enjoyment you'll get from your car, it can also help protect its value.

The team at Sigma Kore offers unmatched 24-hour turnaround on either service, including all necessary prep work. We also supply consumer-grade kits so you can keep your vehicle in top condition longer. We offer free shipping on orders over $40. To learn more about our vehicle protection products and services, contact us today to discuss paint protection Myrtle Beach.