Prior to applying E14 ceramic coating, proper decontamination and paint correction is highly recommended for ultimate results. Be sure to wipe the surface down with Sigma Kore’s (PRIMER) or any IPA mixture to strip the surface clear of any residues.

1. Shake the bottle thoroughly
to allow the Graphene and black light tracer to mix throughout the entire bottle. Repeat this throughout the coating process. (Not needed for E14 Lite).

2. Apply 15-20 droplets of E14
onto the applicator pad. The amount of product needed can vary depending on the application surface.

3. Apply E14 in 2ft X 2ft sections, the flash time is 60-90 seconds but can vary depending on humidity. The more humid the environment, the quicker the flash time (30-45 seconds).

4. Begin gently wiping off residue with a microfiber towel. Then following up with a second microfiber to buff out any remaining residue until the surface is clear of any high spots. 

5. Be sure to overlap each time you move along the vehicle's surface.

6. E14 coatings reach full hardness and cure 12 hours after application. However, the vehicle should stay dry and free of contaminants for the first 24 hours after completion.

Proper after care should be followed to reach maximum results


When you're coating your vehicle, it can be hard to see where you’ve applied ceramic coating as the product is very transparent in color.

With Sigma Kore’s Black light Technology, you’re able to see not only where you’ve applied coating, but how thoroughly it's been applied
to the surface being treated with the help of a UV flashlight.

A UV Flashlight reveals the Ceramic Glow tracer and helps you to perfect your ceramic coating process.