Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality in Vehicle Choices

If you love how your car looks, there are plenty of ways to blend aesthetics and functionality for your vehicle's overall care. Sigma Kore offers commercial-grade services that keep your car looking fresh and new while protecting it from the elements. Here’s a look at which techniques to try and how they benefit the long-term care and aesthetics of your vehicle.

Invest in Car Window Tinting to Reduce UV Damage


luxury car with window tinting
Car window tinting adds instant style to your vehicle’s appearance but also provides practical, functional purposes. If you suffer from migraines, window tinting can reduce the glare and squinting that often trigger headaches. A professionally applied window tint also helps reduce the harmful ultraviolet rays responsible for some cancers. Beyond your health, UV rays also fade your car’s interior and quickly make it look old and worn.


Window tinting is essential if you live in an area along the beach or anywhere with sunny, vibrant summers. But no matter where you live, window tinting for your car can also offer some protection. If you get in a minor accident, the window tint film can help keep your windshield from shattering and help hold it together.

Get PPF Film for Style and Easy Upkeep

Paint Protection Film (PPF) helps keep your car looking amazing while offering protection and easy upkeep. Sometimes called a clear bra, PPF forms a protective layer between your car’s paint and the elements. PPF keeps bug splatter, oxidizing bird splatter, harmful UV rays, and small dings and pebbles from damaging your car.

PPF helps you protect the integrity and color of your car's paint while making upkeep a breeze. Water, splatter, and spills roll off your vehicle and make cleaning a breeze.

Combat Rust and Improve Your Car’s Appearance with Paint Correction

Peeling, chipped paint never looks great and can quickly spiral into long-lasting damage. Beyond restoring the aesthetics of your vehicle, paint protection also prevents rust that can infiltrate into your car's frame. Sigma Kore's process rejuvenates your paint and fortifies it against chemical attacks, dirt, and moisture to safeguard your car's coating.

Explore Ceramic Coatings for High-Gloss While Reducing Fading

luxury car with ceramic coating - Sigma KoreIf you want your car to look glossy and fresh without messy, sticky temporary waxes, a ceramic coating can help. They help protect your paint’s integrity, prevent premature fading, and make cleaning your car easy. Ceramic coating is also self-healing and can help repair minor water marks and dings on a car to keep it looking like new.

It’s important to make sure your car is professionally prepared before your ceramic coating. One of Sigma Kore’s team members will perform a six-step decontamination process, including a pre-rinse, hand wash foam bath, second rinse, foam bath with clay, wheel cleaning, and a final rinse. Once your car is completely clean and decontaminated, we’ll get to work on your ceramic coating for a stunning, high-gloss, and protective shine.

Improve Your Car’s Appearance and Reduce Bacteria with Interior Car Detailing 

Interior car detailing is often overlooked as simply an aesthetic measure. It also does more than keep your interior looking incredible. Removing stains and sticky spills can help prevent permanent damage and deterioration to your car’s interior. However, detailing also reduces germs and bacteria that can make you sick. If you suffer from allergies, interior car detailing can also help remove dust and other pollutants that aggravate your respiratory system.

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