Luxury Car Care: How to Maintain High-End Vehicles

When you own a luxury vehicle, you need more than a car wash and a rag to keep it looking its best. You also need a luxury car care strategy that protects your investment while enhancing its luxury style. Get Sigma Kore's pro tips on how to protect your high-end vehicle for long-lasting durability and shine.

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Start with the Basics: Regular Maintenance and Servicing

As with any other car, a luxury vehicle needs the basics to stay up and running. Rigorously follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule. Not following the recommendations of your manufacturer could lead to mechanical issues, complete failure, or a breach of warranty. 

Protect Your Paint's Rich Color with a Ceramic Coating

Once you've taken care of the inside of your car, it's time to think about protecting its paint, exterior, and overall aesthetics. You apply a ceramic coating, a liquid polymer, directly to the exterior of your car. Its hydrophobic properties resist water and other liquids, making it more resistant to contamination. From UV ray oxidation to pollution, a ceramic coating can keep your car looking like new.

Beat Back the Elements with PPF

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a thin, transparent thermoplastic urethane film that can resist dings, scrapes, and scratches and comes with self-healing properties. It can actually reverse the signs of scratches and dings, keeping your high-end vehicle looking amazing. 

Invest in Window Tinting

Window tinting is largely an aesthetic choice, but it also offers protective benefits. The right tint helps prevent the fading of your interior, safeguards your electronics from sun glare, and keeps your car cooler. As a result, you don't need to rely as much on air conditioning for better fuel economy and less wear and tear on your system.

Get Specialized Care

Some vehicle protection services are simple to apply to any car or truck. But when you own a high-end vehicle, you need specialized care. Instead of taking a generic approach, the techs at Sigma Kore specialize in BMWs, Teslas, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, motorcycles, boats, and so much more. Each vehicle  deserves individualized care and a strategy to keep it looking its best while protecting it from the elements. 

Regularly Wash Your Vehicle with the Right Products

Once you've applied your vehicle protection films and coatings, how you take care of them matters. You should always avoid automatic car washes using brushes, mitts, or harsh materials. Avoid washing a ceramic-coated car in direct sunlight, using waxes, petroleum distillates, or using a pH of 5.0 or above 9.0.

Choose the Right Garage Storage

If you don't have a garage or parking pad, it's difficult to protect your investment in your luxury vehicle. Using a cover can help, but if possible, you want to find an enclosed area to store your car. Ideally, a climate-controlled environment can boost your efforts and keep your car looking its best for the long run.
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Choose Interior Detailing

How the inside of your car looks can enhance how you feel about driving a high-end vehicle, but it also offers protection. Cleaning away dirt, grime, and pollutants cuts down on allergens and stays ahead of stains and damage. Talk to the team at Sigma Kore about ongoing interior detailing services that keep your vehicle looking incredible and your ride more enjoyable. 

Keep Good Service Records

Make sure you document your strategy and routine for your vehicle protection services and ongoing maintenance. It helps you see patterns in any issues going on with your vehicle and can create a stronger ROI. If you ever resell your vehicle, good service records also increase buyer confidence and signal that you took meticulous care of your car.

Enjoy Your Investment

Now that your car is protected from the inside out, enjoy your ride! You worked hard to buy your dream car, and it's just as important to enjoy it as it is to maintain it.

Contact Sigma Kore for Your Vehicle Protection Needs

Your car is an investment and deserves the best care possible. It's important to work with experts for vehicle protection services. 

If you're ready to take the next steps with your vehicle protection services, we can help. Sigma Kore offers professional-grade products and services to make your car look incredible while providing more comfort from the glaring sun. We also supply consumer-grade kits so you can keep your vehicle in top condition longer, with free shipping on orders over $40. Learn more about our vehicle protection products and services by contacting us today.

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