Coupe vs. Sedan: Tailored Maintenance Needs for Different Car Types

When you're choosing between a coupe and a sedan, you're probably thinking about how well each performs, it's overall style, and its practical day-to-day use. Beyond the essentials, it's also important to consider each car's maintenance needs and how they enhance your ride. Here's a look at how maintenance varies for a coup vs. a sedan and how to take the next steps towards vehicle protection care

1. Exterior and Interior Body Care

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Doors: Coupes with larger and heavier doors are prone to wear down their hinges and latches. Focus on regular lubrication and inspections to keep doors from sagging to protect the integrity of your vehicle.

Exterior Care: Protect the exterior of your coupe with the right vehicle protection products. Choose a ceramic coating to enrich the color and depth of your car's paint while protecting against the elements.

Interior Care: Protect the interior leather of your coupe with interior detailing and window tinting. The tinting keeps your vehicle looking incredible while protecting the interior from UV oxidation and fading.


Cabin Space: Invest in regular interior detailing for your sedan, especially if you have a family or transport pets. Regular vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, and dusting keeps your interior looking and feeling fresh while retaining its ROI.

Exterior Care: Like a coupe, your sedan needs high-quality exterior care to keep it looking its best. Beyond ceramic coatings, Sigma Kore also offers paint protection film (PPF) to protect against light scratches, dings, water stains, pollution, brake dust, and more. PPF also has the ability to self-heal and restore its smooth appearance.

2. Suspension and Tires


Sport-Tuned Suspension: The suspension of your coupe allows for better handling but can wear out on tough roads. It's important to regularly inspect your suspension and shocks.

Tire Wear: Performance tires are prone to wearing out faster from driving aggressively. It's essential to schedule regular balance and rotations, alignment checks, and make sure your tires are inflated properly. 


Comfort-Oriented Suspension: Sedans are designed with a smooth, even ride in mind. However, you need regular checks to keep your car that way.

Tire Wear and Tear: You probably aren't tearing up the backroads in your sedan, but that doesn't mean your car isn't taking a beating. If you have a long commute, make sure your suspension and tires are in good condition. 

3. Engine and Transmission


High-Performance Engines: Coupes are built with high performance engines that need frequent oil changes. Select in premium oil for the longevity and performance of your vehicle.

Manual Transmissions: Regular clutch inspections and fluid changes maintain smooth gear shifts and prevent costly repairs.


Standard Engines: Both efficient and reliable, a sedan''s engine need regular maintenance for optimal performance.

Automatic Transmissions: Regularly check on your fluid to keep your vehicle shifting smoothly and protecting the lifespan of your transmission.

4. Brakes and Exhaust Systems


High-Performance Brakes: A coupe comes with impressive stopping power and needs timely pad and rotor replacements. 

Exhaust Systems: The complex systems of your coupe may need specialized maintenance ad updates to keep up with the latest emission  standards.


Standard Brakes: Your sedan's brakes need to be balanced and maintained for long commutes and every day use. Make sure to protect the exterior of your vehicle from corrosive brake dust with PPF. 

Conventional Exhaust Systems: A sedan's exhaust system is simple and durable, but regular inspections will prevent issues like leaks or rust.

5. Electrical and Technology Systems


Advanced Electronics: A coupe incorporates advanced electronics and entertainment systems. They need regular maintenance, updates, and checks to keep them working seamlessly with the latest technologies.

Battery Life: A coupe's sporty nature could lead to faster battery depletion. Beyond regular maintenance, keep a battery jump pack in your vehicle in case of an emergency to avoid disruptions to your day. 


Integrated Technology: Sedans are equipped with integrated technology features, including infotainment systems and driver assistance tech. It needs ongoing updates and maintenance to keep it workin when you need it the most. 

Battery Maintenance: Sedans are usually outfitted with larger batteries that often last longer than a coupe. Stay on top of regular checks and maintenance to avoid issues, particularly in extreme weather. 

Contact Sigma Kore for Your Vehicle Protection Needs

Your car is an investment and deserves the best care possible. It's important to work with experts for vehicle protection services, including ceramic coatings. 

If you're ready to take the next steps with your vehicle protection services, we can help. Sigma Kore offers professional-grade products and services to make your car look incredible while providing more comfort from the glaring sun. Learn more about our vehicle protection products and services by contacting us today.

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