Paint Protection Film Myrtle Beach

Paint Protection Film Myrtle Beach

Are you thinking about investing in paint protection film Myrtle Beach? Whether you own a luxury car or a modest vehicle, you want it to keep an attractive appearance and avoid unsightly dirt, grime, rust, and more. Despite the vacation state of mind Myrtle Beach offers, there are drawbacks for your vehicle. Salt air, harsh UV rays, heat, sand, pollutants, and typical bird and bug splatter can mean your vehicle takes a beating. 

Image of a black porsche to convey benefits of paint protection film Myrtle Beach - SigmaKoreInstead of struggling to maintain the appearance and health of your vehicle, we can help. Here's what to know about paint protection film Myrtle Beach and the professional application and customer care that Sigma Kore offers.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is a type of durable, invisible coating designed to protect your vehicle from pollutants. It was originally created to reduce the damage to helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. Today, PPF has evolved to help protect cars, trucks, boats, planes, and other vessels.

You may have heard about the paint protection film Myrtle Beach under the name "clear bra," but our application covers the majority of your car for better protection. No matter what you call it, your film should be expertly applied to cover your vehicle like a glove. The results can mitigate damage, make maintenance a breeze, and give you more peace of mind while driving.

Enjoy Your Ride

Driving is also just more enjoyable when you're not worrying about every ding, bug splatter, or acidic bird dropping hitting your vehicle. Our customers are also thrilled to realize that one of the benefits of paint protection film Myrtle Beach is its self-healing properties. While it won't remove rust and serious dents and dings, it can lift out water swirls, small scratches, and shallow scrapes for a showroom-worthy car.

Make Maintenance a Breeze

Car maintenance can take up serious time and effort out of your busy schedule. Everyone usually prioritizes things like oil changes and rotating and balancing tires, but it's challenging to carve out time to update our vehicle's appearance. That's why Sigma Kore makes it easy to keep up with your car with the help of paint protection film Myrtle Beach. Splatters and water roll right off to keep it from infiltrating your vehicle's paint, which reduces the need for so much exterior maintenance. 

Make Your Car More Durable

Car's are built to take some serious damage, but that doesn't mean it doesn't show up in your car's appearance. No one wants to see chips from scraping away bug splatter or faded paint from soaking up the sun's UV rays. Paint protection film Myrtle Beach makes your car more durable and easier to maintain. Instead of reaching for sticky waxes, your film takes care of the serious pollutants, small dings, and scratches you experience on the road. When PPF cures, it creates a durable layer of protection between your car's paint and the elements. 

Skip the DIY Approach

Paint protection film Myrtle Beach comes with an upfront cost to get it right. But it's ultimately a far cheaper alternative than a DIY approach. Why? DIY kits usually don't work the way you expect. To fully cover your car with a durable PPF film, you need the help of professionals with experience and skill. PPF also isn't necessarily easy to install. You need commercial-grade tools for a precise fit that lasts. 

DIY kits also don't last as long as professionally applied paint protection film, making it necessary to keep reapplying. Beyond the costs, you could also ruin your film before it ever finishes curing. Sigma Kore thoroughly washes and sanitizes your vehicle to remove any pollutants before applying your film for a flawless finish.

Combine PPF with Other Car Protection Enhancements

Image of a red porsche to convey benefits of paint protection film Myrtle Beach - SigmaKore

If you want to do more to protect your vehicle, another option is window tinting. Beyond just improving the aesthetics of your car, it also protects the interior from sun damage. UV rays can fade the interior of your car and expose your skin to harmful rays. Professional window tinting protects your vehicle and your health at the same time.

Contact Sigma Kore for Paint Protection Film Myrtle Beach

Are you ready to take the next steps to protect your vehicle and enhance its beauty with paint protection film Myrtle Beach? The experts at Sigma Kore are here to help you maintain your vehicle's sleek and flawless finish. To get started, stop by the shop or give us a call at 720-643-5185 to discuss your vehicle and needs. We'll give you a free quote on several protection options, then schedule your appointment. We finish most jobs in a day or less, though extensive work can take three to four days.

For more information on our paint protection film Myrtle Beach services, contact Sigma Kore today!