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Ceramic Infused Car Soap - Sigma Soap

Ceramic Infused Car Soap - Sigma Soap

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What Is Sigma Soap SIO2 Ceramic Infused Soap?

Sigma Soap is an excellent daily/weekly maintenance cleaner that will strip contaminants off your vehicle's surface with ease without damaging your ceramic coating. Not only will our soap clean the surface thoroughly, but with SI02 infused to work with ceramic coatings, it will add and maintain your protection.

How Does Ceramic-Infused Soap Work?

When you wash a car with ceramic-infused soap, it applies a ceramic coating to the vehicle. This coating bonds to the clear coat of the car, creating a new top layer that repels contaminants and water. Every time you wash a vehicle using Sigma Soap, you are actually adding hydrophobic properties to the surface with each use.

Whether you're using it for DIY, in-shop use/mobile, or retail, Sigma soap is a must-have product for any detailing arsenal. Priced affordably to make sure you get the maximum number of washes per bottle this high-end professional-grade soap will deliver the results you're looking for.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic-Infused Soap on a New Car

There are so many reasons that you should be using ceramic-infused soap on your car or in your detailing services. Other than being a protectant, this soap:

  • Is excellent for both bucket wash methods and foam cannons
  • Is extra slick for a scratch-free washing experience
  • Rinses clean with no residue
  • Has a PH Neutral Formula

How to Apply Ceramic-Infused Soap

Follow these directions to ensure the ceramic-infused soap bonds to the car properly:

  1. Pour 1 to 2 Oz of Ceramic Soap into a bucket or foam cannon.
  2. Fill the rest of the bucket or foam cannon with water, shake/mix well, then begin to wash.

Do not wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Hot surfaces or direct sunlight can lead to premature drying and water spots if you do not have a spotless water filter. Sigma Soap will go hand in hand with vehicles that are already ceramic coated or pre-treated with our Lotus Ceramic Spray. If your vehicle is not ceramic coated, this soap will add a protective layer of ceramic after each wash.

What's Included:

  • 1x 16oz Bottle Sigma Soap SI02 Infused car soap
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