Windowshield Sealant Refill, Perma Seal Step 2
Windowshield Sealant Refill, Perma Seal Step 2
Windowshield Sealant Refill, Perma Seal Step 2

Windowshield Sealant Refill, Perma Seal Step 2

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What is Perma Seal?

It's simple! Perma Seal is a premium, unmatched glass coating. This easy to apply 2 step application with our pre-moistened towelettes is unbeatable when it comes to making your glass Hydrophobic. Perma Seal is a true wipe on SI02 ceramic coating made specifically for glass.

Easy to apply, and perfect for anyone looking to increase glass visibility, protection, and clarity Perma Seal is a great addition for any car or even home window.

How to Refill Perma Seal™ Windshield Sealant

If you've already completed our Perma Seal™ Windshield Sealant process, then you know the quality protection you can expect from Sigma Kore products. If you'd like to maintain this protection and the enhanced visibility it provides, check out our Perma Seal Window Sealant Refill. This sealant refill offers an unbeatable deal at half the price of our full Windshield Sealant kit and will maintain the smooth, hydrophobic surface imparted by Perma Seal to keep your car in optimal condition. 

Where to Buy Perma Seal Windshield Sealant Refills

After purchasing step one of our Perma Seal Windshield Sealant, our refill is only a few clicks away under the shop tab on our website. After you buy your sealant refill through our online store, we'll ship your order within 24 hours from our location in Denver, Colorado. We recommend preemptively buying the Perma Seal Windshield Sealant Refill when you purchase step one to prevent gaps in the protection of your windshield. 

Already used Perma Seal before?

Once the Perma Seal set is applied to your windshield/windows once, you will no longer need to apply step 1.

You will only need part 2 and will simply just apply this to your windshield then wipe down.

It's that easy and half the cost of the full set!

How to Install a Windshield Sealant Refill at Home

After applying Perma Seal to your windshield once, you will no longer need to apply step one. To use step two, you will need to perform the following steps:

Step one: Clean the surface of your windshield to make sure it's free of any contaminants.

Step two: Quickly apply step two in a crosshatch pattern across your windshield.

Step three: Buff your windshield with a microfiber towel until you remove the residue. 

With these steps complete, your windshield will be clear and provide maximum visibility.

Buy a Refill to Refresh Your Perma Seal Windshield Sealant

If you want to continue your windshield protection, purchasing our Perma Seal Windshield Sealant Refill is a must. Our products are highly durable and will help maintain the appearance and function of your vehicle — and you can apply them without leaving your garage. 

To buy your Perma Seal Windshield Sealant Refill or talk to one of our expert staff members, call us at (720) 643-5185 or contact us online.