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Lotus Ceramic Coating Sealant Spray

Lotus Ceramic Coating Sealant Spray

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What is Lotus Premium Ceramic Spray

Lotus Ceramic Spray is Made in Denver, CO where and is designed to replace, out-perform, and outlast any other traditional cleaning, sealing, and polishing product! Lotus is created with a water-based, non-stick formula making it more eco-friendly and safe for anyone to use. Lotus does not contain VOCs, solvents, or abrasive compounds. It is also higher in S102 than any other products on the market.

Lotus Ceramic spray can add depth of color and shine with less effort and less time than traditional products. It helps make your polished surface hydrophobic to liquids and makes it a great alternative to traditional wax sealer for your car, motorcycle, RV, boat, or plane.

The Benefits of Using Ceramic Coating

Drive with peace of mind. There is no shortage of benefits that come from using ceramic coating:

  • More durable than sealants for maximum protection
  • 6-8 Months of Hydrophobic protection
  • Stays clean longer and makes your surfaces easier to clean
  • A high-gloss finish means no more waxing
  • Protect and increase your vehicle's value
  • Drive a new car every day and turn heads everywhere

SAFE to apply in closed spaces! Lotus can help your paint, glass, or ceramic withstand high temperatures and is not flammable, making it great for applying to nearly any nonporous hard surface.

What's Included:

  • 1x 8oz Bottle LOTUS Premium Ceramic Spray
  • 1x Fine Mist Sprayer Head
  • 1x Grey 365 gsm Micro Fiber Towel
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