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Car Interior Cleaner Spray - Sigma Kore Fusion

Car Interior Cleaner Spray - Sigma Kore Fusion

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When to Use Interior Fusion Cleaner

Sigma Kore's Interior Fusion Cleaner is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. This cleaner can treat anywhere that dirt, dust, or grime gets into a vehicle. Use it to clean cloth and leather seats, dashboards, cup holders, consoles, and floors. You can use the interior fusion car cleaner as a spot treatment for tough residue or spay it all over for a deep, detailed interior clean.

The Benefits of Using Interior Fusion Cleaner

Our Interior Fusion Cleaner effectively cleans cars' interiors down to every tiny detail. Simply spray it onto the areas that need cleaning and wipe it down with one of our extra soft and tagless microfiber cloths until dry. You'll be surprised at how well it picks up dirt and reduces sticky residue almost instantly. As the best-selling interior cleaner, our product is sure to produce the quality cleaning job you're looking for.

Anyone that owns a car or does detailing services should have this cleaner in their arsenal. At Sigma Kore, we make the products we want to use for our own detailing work. We have over a decade of experience in making cars look their best, and you can trust that our products will help you do the same.

What's Included:

  • 1x 16oz Bottle of Interior Fusion Premium Detail Spray
  • 1x Sprayer Head 
  • 1x 365 gsm Micro Fiber Towel 

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