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A vehicle's wheels sit close to the ground and collect mud, brake dust and anything that kicks up on the road. If you live in the Denver, Myrtle Beach, or Tampa Bay, you know how challenging it can be to keep your rims clean between seasons. The professionals at Sigma Kore want to prepare your car, truck or SUV wheels for work, leisure and adventures on the open road. We also want to maintain your luxury vehicle and sport car's showroom shine.  That's why we offer semi-permanent ceramic coatings to make maintenance tasks stress-free.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating Vehicle Wheels

Wheels encounter puddles, potholes, debris and other obstacles every day. In some cases, drivers upgrade their wheels for handling improvements and customization, but contaminants interfere with performance and cause premature wear and tear. The goal of ceramic wheel coatings is to add a further layer of protection to surfaces so that materials hold paint color and become hydrophobic, or water-resistant.

Our automotive wheel coating services are ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the appearance of painted rims. Unlike temporary waxes and films, Sigma Kore ceramic coatings bond to a given surface.

Review the details below to see why ceramic coatings for wheels are an excellent choice for customers living near Denver and Boulder:

Rain and snow beads off wheel surfaces.
Rims withstand intense temperature changes.
Brake dust, droppings and pollen wipe clean in seconds.
Painted wheels resist fading for a pristine appearance.
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Ceramic Coating for Car Wheels

Wheel coating requires the help of a trained professional. At Sigma Kore, we use our own world-class products such as E14 LITE, E14 and E14 ELITE liquid polymers for prolonged wheel protection. All wheels and tires will be removed during your appointment for an even coating.

Before we apply car wheel coating products to your vehicle in Denver, Colorado, we'll remove all grime, brake dust and road salts with a foam wash and rinse. We may also use fine brushes to lift stubborn dirt as necessary.

Our experts recommend having both the exterior of your vehicle and wheels coated in the same appointment for efficiency. We will inquire more about the age and condition of your vehicle before your appointment.

The Sigma Kore team draws from more than ten years of industry experience to perform cleanings and treatments on steel, aluminum and carbon fiber wheels.

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Sigma Kore is your trusted source for ceramic coating services. Visit our Denver or Myrtle Beach ceramic coating facilities to see the benefits that coated wheels will have on your newly purchased vehicle. You rely on your car, truck or SUV year-round. Partner with the obvious choice for automotive wheel coatings with a team that provides quick appointment scheduling, unparalleled customer service and professional results.

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